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7v7 Dogsx Monthly Championship
[Image: tournament-Banner.jpg]


  • Open to any person that is able to play in the server. Interested guilds must have a team captain and register their team, which consist of 7 players + 2 subs.

  • Registration: Closed
  • Registration Date: April 11 - April 13, 2020 (registered lineup can be edited until April 13, 12Midnight only)

  • Only 2 team per guild.

  • For Season 1, only 8 Teams from server will be accepted. Season 2 onward will be open to more teams. Any registered member of a team can play any registered account of their team.


  • If the GM recalls your team to the battle arena, just stay put until the GM gives the go signal to move.
    (You need to Move from the recalled area/respawn area of the battlefield/go outside the box after the go signal (Respawn box)

  • If someone in your party is disconnected, make a PUB as soon as possible so that the GM will declare DC call.
    (If the Go signal has already been announced, teams are no longer allowed to DC call}

  • If one of your main team gets disconnected, he/she has 1 minute to connect. If he/she exceeds the given time, the substitute person will continue the fight.
    (the substitute player is given 5 minutes to join the party. If the substitute fails to join the party on the given time frame, the team will continue the round without the substitute and they can invite the substitute after the round. Or they can forfeit the whole tournament but can still participate in next week's tournament.

  • Each round has a time limit to engage the opposing team. The time limit will depend on the map size. 
    Big maps = 8 mins, medium maps = 5 mins, small maps = 3 mins.

  • When both teams are already engaged in the battle, they will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to wipe the opposing team. After 10 mins, the team with the most members remaining inside the battlefield wins the round.
    If the 10-minute time limit ends and both team still has a complete set of members, we will proceed on Sudden Death Mode

  • Sudden Death Mode. 
    Both Team Captain will dice and the winner will choose either Attack / Defense. If the Captain chooses Attack, your team is required to attack the opposing team. If the captain chooses to Defend, you are not forbidden to attack the opposing team. After the dice both teams will be given 10 minutes to wipe each other.(Once a you killed a member of the opposing team and your team is still complete and would stop attacking the opposing team until the end of the allotted time is not allowed.)

3. Pointing System

  • The Tournament will run for four weeks and if you get the most points by the end of the month you will be announce as the champion of season 1.

  • By the end of the month if there are teams with the same points. There will be a championship match(Race to 5) to determine who is the best team of all.
  • Every week there will be a 8v8 match for the team to gain points. Delegations of points as follows champion team will get 4 points and 1st runner up will get 3 points and for the last place will get 2 point. For the team that will not win will get 1points. Please be advise that point you get will be accumulated and tally for the championship match.


April 14 - April 21 - April 28 - May 5

07:00PM - 07:50PM  Player Check-in Time 

07:50PM - 08:00PM  Opening

08:00PM - Onwards  Start



1st Place:  PHP 10,000

2nd Place:  In-game Items

3rd Place:  In-game Items

4th Place:  In-game Items

5th Place:  In-game Items

6th Place:  In-game Items

7th Place:  In-game Items

8th Place:  In-game Items


No 3rd Party Buffs

No Repetition of Job Class.

Once you registered you may never be able to register for another team again.

Failure to follow the rules will result to the team disqualification for the tournament.


  • Any member of a team can switch jobs anytime before the matches but duplicate job classes is not allowed (eg. 2 Knights, 3 Priests, etc.). Substitute members can also play every match provided the lineup is submitted and acknowledged by Marshals during check-in time between 06:00PM - 06:50PM


  • A match can only start with a full party of seven (7) players on each team. If the opposing team does not show up during the scheduled match and/or a team is missing player/s, they will be given a 5-minute grace time during the preparation time. If the respective team is still not complete, that team will be disqualified and forfeit the match.


  • Every player is expected to treat one another with respect; therefore players proven of misconduct will receive consequences upon review of the action.

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]
[Image: DMC-1st.png]
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]
[Image: Capture.jpg]
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]
[Image: DMC.png]
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]
Total Accumulated points for 3 weeks

321 - 10 points
GGPT1 - 9 points
Sindikato - 5 points
PPPT - 4 points
H2S - 3 points
Putrages - 3 points

disqualified teams(2 consecutive no show)
299 - 3 points
Barbie - 2 points


5th & 6th Place
H2S vs Putrages

3rd & 4th Place
Sindikato vs PPPT

1st & 2nd
321 vs GGPT1
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]
First 7v7 DMC
1st place: GGparty1
2nd palce: 321
3rd place: 4PTS
4th place: Syndicates
5th place: Putrages
6th place: H2S
[Image: Untitled-1.gif]

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