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Tips for Newbie Boss Hunters
Tips for Newbie Boss Hunters

Tip #1 Knowing what job is the best for BH: Best jobs for Boss Hunt for me are Star Glad (because of its skill Mild wind and Hatrad) and Sinx (Obviously EDP and dual attack)

Tip #2 Equipments: Know the equipments you need for BH. 

           -For me +10 Twilight and Sandstorm with The Paper, Abysmal Knight card and Morrigane set works best.
           -Stag Glad +10 book with 3 Abysmal Knight card.

Tip #3 Elements: Knowing the element you need to kill a boss is very essential, so that you can kill it faster and avoid getting your boss stolen from you. 

           So you need to check each bosses elements before BH.
           -Sinx needs converters for this one but Star Glad you can easily change element with your skill.

Tip #4 Map: When doing BH you must know which map each Boss Respawn and which specific boss has the capability to teleport, so that you can adjust your strategy.

Tip #5 Respawn time: One of the most crucial aspect of Boss Hunt is to keep time, know when the boss is killed and how many minutes it will take to Respawn again.

           - You can use (RMS) to check the respawn time. 
           -For DogsXRagnarok, it is half the time showing in RMS. 
             For example: in RMS it says 60-70 minutes, for DogsXRagnarok it is 30-35 minutes.

Additional Tip Stats: For me what works the most is getting my Attack speed to 196, then 255 str and the rest is Luck and Vitality. 

           -Remember crit is essential for higher dmg so I recommend putting more on luck than vit.

That's all for my Tips

Happy Hunting.


Credits: Roel Gabriel De Guzman from FB Group DogsXRagnarok Online

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